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Getting your quote research quickly and efficiently, and being able to amend and update your Protection recommendations as you work to a client’s budget is essential. At LifeQuote, our market leading solutions give you a variety of ways to get to the quotes you want.

Quotes are held on LifeQuote under client name(s) or references, so are easy to access once the initial quote data is keyed.

Being able to quote multiple products in one request, researching menu plans alongside individual plan benefits, or being able to contruct your own client protection portfolio using the “custom multi benefit” tool will all you create solutions for you clients that deliver the protection package they want. Adding FIB, providing indexed plans will add value to your advice.

For more complex lives, use the tools that can help you assess whether a client should be accepted for a plan. The Decision in Principle tool, and using Quote+ will give you a better understanding of the likely loadings to help you manage expectations of the likely costs. 

This essential support makes selling protection products simple, quick and more valuable to your business.

How have we split our Quote functionality?

MultiQuote (click here for training demo webinar) - Instantly quote and compare up to 24 quotes in one request. Comparing up to 4 product options, with and without Waiver of Premium, individual life and joint life quotes, calculating the difference between the costs of joint life first death plans v 2 individual plans automatically.

Custom-Multi Benefit (click here for training demo webinar) - Select your protection plan structure, and we automatically illustrate each insurer able to quote on all benefits within one plan, and compare it to the individual product pricing.

Intelligent Protection (click here for training demo webinar) - This tool automatically creates a “model solution” based on menu plans from insurers, calculated on the benefits and priority chosen by you and the client. By entering your client’s income, occupation, household expenses, dependants, their savings and any sick pay they would potentially receive, the rule driven system will automatically create a menu of potential insurance options and pricing. Once you have established your client’s protection priorities and confirmed their budget,  the system will automatically create options and a suitability text, simplifying the sales process.

Business Protection (click here for training demo webinar) - Quickly compare key person, business loan protection, partnership,or shareholder cover. Relevant life is also included within this section.

Income Protection (click here for training demo webinar) - Ability to quote full and short term IP products, individual benefit or split deferred. Instant comparison of 4 the key definitions – own occupation, suited occupation, own occupation 12 months and work tasks.

Quote+ (click here for training demo webinar) LifeQuote has created Quote+ to provide advisers with the ability to take insurer underwriting criteria into account when recommending a product. You will be presented with a short set of key medical and lifestyle questions. On the results page you will be presented with the insurers and premiums and a status bar showing whether each is likely to offer cover and with any premium loadings to be expected upon terms.

Whole of Life (click here for training demo webinar) Creates individual and joint life (both first and second event) whole of life policies.

Decision in Principle This is a pre-underwriting tool that collects details of disclosures with automatic online distribution to the insurers you want an opinion from. Each insurer will then respond to you within 24 hours, enabling you to advise your client appropriately.

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