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Administration Services

Administration that you can rely on

Once the application has been submitted to the insurer either by our online application route, or via tele-interview, the application gets passed to your dedicated administrator within our business

Admin KM Training

For cases that are accepted immediately, the administrator will email the terms to you sending the originals to the client.

Once the application has been submitted successfully to the chosen Insurer, the LifeQuote Admin team will then do the following on your behalf:
  • Chase Insurer, client and 3rd parties weekly (but respond on day of receipt to any incoming updates) and keep you updated by email and telephone
  • You will receive ‘Update’ emails that are designed to keep you informed about what’s going on, meaning you should never need to chase the progress of an application
  • You may also receive ‘Action’ emails when the LifeQuote Admin team needs your assistance and these are self explanatory. All cases will be escalated to you for help if no response is received from your client
  • LifeQuote will update both you and your clients regularly, chase in the meantime as appropriate (depending on requirements but usually weekly) and dovetail communication with the insurer and client
  • LifeQuote tailor the communication with the client regarding the terms to suit you. If you would like our Admin team to run through the terms with your client then we will or if you prefer to talk these over with the client yourself, we can note this on our system.
  • You can also see the progress of all your applications, regardless of insurer or product, at any time using LifeQuote‘s 'Case Tracking’ system

Post completion, we also follow up any cancelled direct debits, premium lapses, address changes and just about anything else.

We pride ourselves on a personal service tailored to your needs. So for instance if you’d prefer all customer communication to come via yourselves, simply let us know and we can operate this way for you.

What’s more we work evenings too, ensuring that we’re available when its convenient to customers, working for your business even after you’ve left the office.

Feels good doesn’t it?