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Quote+ and Buy Now

Quote+ is the latest innovation to create a real difference for LifeQuote users. If you choose the Quote+ option you will be prompted to ask a few additional questions, enabling the Insurer’s underwriting criteria to be taken into account when recommending a product.
Quote+ helps by:

     Improving the relevance of Quotes
     Reducing the impacts of loadings
     Dramatically improving completion rates

It makes your clients' quotes more relevant based on their individual circumstances and ensures the policy chosen is more likely to be accepted in the shortest possible time, increasing your policy completions. Therefore LifeQuote, saves you time, aids compliance and maximises earning potential from writing protection business.

 Qplus BN 

Instant cover, fewer questions and quicker commission payments. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a market leading Life Insurance product that, you could start immediately at a competitive premium and paid you more commission, sooner?

Using Quote+ gives you access to Aviva Buy Now products.

1. Log in to LifeQuote in your usual way and either enter new or load existing client details

2. Using either the MultiQuote or Quote+ tools, enter the clients Protection requirements
3. If the details entered qualify your client for instant cover, the Buy Now option will appear

4. After entering contact and payment details your client is on risk and you can download the cover note

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