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Why we do it


Too many people in the UK lack the insurance they need to protect them from devastating life events. That’s why we’ve been offering advisers our comprehensive administration and new business support service since 2001.

We’ve designed our service to improve your efficiency. It saves you valuable time you can use to advise your clients and grow your business.

On average LifeQuote saves you three hours for every case submitted. Isn’t it time you found out more? 




What we do

Think of LifeQuote as your flexible ‘protection wrap platform’. We provide leading-edge software that supports you at every stage – from pre-sale research, through underwriting to commission settlement:

  • Whole of market quotes portal, which you can configure for restricted panels or single ties
  • Multiple cases submission, from just a few screens
  • Central administration hub
  • Central underwriting service
  • Simple cost models
  • Two consolidated commission statements

We’re committed to giving you flexibility. We’ve always given you access to protection products from leading UK insurers.  Now you can access our underwriting and administration services from our LifeQuote platform or from other leading quotes portals.


How we do it

Plan for growth

Help you review your business model and identify protection growth opportunities. Then create a personal plan to achieve them.

Design for growth

Help you devise the most appropriate business model. Then pick the services and products from our options to match your plan and ambitions.

Implement for growth

Help you get started. Embed LifeQuote in your core processes based on your choice from our wide range of options.

Optimise for growth

Leverage our sales and marketing toolkit to build your protection opportunities. Feel confident that our legally binding non-cross sell agreement ensures you remain in control at all times.

Commercial terms

Our Commercial terms - Clear, Simple, Straightforward


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