Commercial Terms

Key features of our commercial terms

  • There are no setup fees or monthly charges.
  • A straight forward set of commission terms for business placed on risk via us.
  • No need to join a Network – you simply continue trading as you do now.
  • If you are a Directly Authorised firm, then we contract with you.
  • If you are an AR, then either (i) we will need to see a letter from your Principal confirming that you have their consent to contract with us, or (ii) we will need to contract with your Principal, and pay commission directly to them.
  • Most advisers work with us on a straight forward commission basis, with business placed through our agencies. We pay you a specific rate of commission, deducting a percentage of the total gross commission paid to us by the insurers to cover the costs associated with providing our services.
  • If the case doesn’t go on risk we don’t get paid, so our interests are all aligned.
  • For larger networks we can offer an alternative fee arrangement.

Download a full fact sheet on our commercial terms here