Plan for growth

We're committed to helping you grow your protection business. This demands a considered and well-planned approach.

Our Plan for Growth starts by helping you;

  • Review your current business model and compare your efficiency to other advisers
  • Identify the protection growth opportunities in your client base
  • Develop a plan to achieve your protection business objectives.



Put us to the test

Put our service to the test and see how we can simplify your business

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Once you are happy with the service you will need to complete an Application Form to establish the agency agreement. Download our application form.

Design for growth

Helping you design an efficient and well run operating model for your protection business is the next step. Here we’ll help you:

  • Devise an appropriate business model taking into account plans for growth, resourcing and client base.
  • Choose the support level you want, so you always remain in control.
  • Helping you document our process flows so you know exactly how it works before business starts to be written

Implement for growth

Once everyone is ready to move forward we work side by side to implement your new protection approach with LifeQuote. With our dedicated support we will:

  • Put in place modular support for your business as it grows
  • Make the most of the choice of submission option
  • Continue to develop our services for your business

Optimise for growth

After implementation, our aim is work closely together to help you achieve your protection growth plans. Our mutual success depends on us delivering great communication and excellent service to you and your clients. As part of developing our ongoing relationship, we will:

  • Fully respect your client ownership – our contract commits us to a non-cross sell agreement at all times
  • Discuss new markets and new opportunities with you regularly
  • Give you full access to our LifeQuote and Provider toolkit
  • Provide ongoing training, webinars and workshops to help improve the knowledge and skills in your business