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Latest LifeQuote Press Releases and Updates


Here is a collection of LifeQuote press releases along with regular updates to our systems. 

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Are you avoiding that protection conversation?

From a customer's perspective, not much has changed about their understanding and need for Life and Protection products. Most aren't aware and don't understand the complexities of the range of solutions, and they often don't see the potential risk. 

Full article in iPipeline Quarterly

How reviewing current sales processes could make you more efficient...saving you time, and covering more clients 

Financial services is rapidly changing, arguably supporting customer-selling preferences in many more ways, with CRMs, research tools, quote portals and calculators simplifying some of this complexity, allowing advisers to focus on explaining difficult concepts to customers. It's no surprise that outsourcing is frequently used in our industry because of the sheer breath of your clients' requirements. 

Full article in iPipeline Quarterly

COVER Excellence Awards 2019: Provider shortlist announced! 

LifeQuote has been nominated as Best Technology Provider

Full article on Cover 

Direct Life accredited with ISO 27001

Neil McCarthy, chief commercial officer at Direct Life & Pension Services, who offer protection services to financial advisers and consumers, explained: "When we first started looking at ISO 27001, my first reaction was that it's a certificate for IT procedures. It isn't, it's much, much more. ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides the specification for an Information Security Management System (ISMS)"

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COVER Customer Care Awards: All winners revealed!

LifeQuote is highly commended for Best Tech Service 

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Direct Life joins Protection Distribution Group

Direct Life and Pension Services has been confirmed to be the 12th member of the Protection Distribution Group (PDG). Direct Life joins other members Assured Futures, Cavendish Ware, Cura, Drewberry, Future Proof, Highclere, LifeSearch, LightBlue, London & Country, Seasame Bankhall Group and Roxburgh. 

Since forming in 2016, the PDG has driven industry changes such as the Funeral Payment Pledge and the PDG Claims Charter. 

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Viewpoint: Open banking, Big Data, AI and protection

Huge benefits ahead?

As we head towards the 2020's the next decade will be characterised by how both protection insurers and intermediaries use data better. 

But, far from what many observers would have us believe, we are now moving to a Star Trek world of robots taking over our jobs. What's happening is an evolution of what we already do, and this is fuelled by greater access to data and the advancement of technology. And, the data is not even new, it's just we haven't been able to get it in one place before. 

Full article in Health & Protection Daily

Offering protection and choice to keep your clients 

In supporting iPipeline we ensure that no adviser needs to turn away a potential protection case, whether because of their time pressures or because of it's complexity. 

LifeQuote's services support advisers in what they are best at, and that's identifying a need and recommending a category of product, whether a fixed interest mortgage, some Critical Illness or Family Income Benefit. 

Full article in iProtect

Opportunities in commercial life cover 

Direct Life's Neil McCarthy argues the case for brokers adding protection for SME staff to their portfolio. 

In 2017, there were 5.7m businesses in the UK of which over 99% were classified as small or medium sized businesses (SMEs), i.e. those employing 0-249 people. 

But of that 5.7m, 96% (or 5.5m) are micro-business, employing fewer than then people. The majority of these businesses rely on one or two individuals for their commercial survival. And, the average age of the business owners is 49. What happens when a key person gets ill? 

Full article on Insurance Age

LifeQuote partners with Anorak

Adviser protection platform LifeQuote is combining with Anorak to integrate data science technology into its quote and application services, it was announced at COVER Protection and Tech Forum today. 

By utilising Anorak's data models, customer profiling tools and policy scoring to determine customers' needs, LifeQuote will match customers with solutions and provide advice all within a singularly packaged format. 

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LifeQuote announces GDPR policy 

LifeQuote's GDPR policy will involve holding advisers' electronic data and physical documents for the time being and as it records all calls, these will be retained under the same policy. 

For quotation only but no application, data will be held for 365 days. If an application is made but no policy was completed, data will be held for six years, or longer if requested by the regulator. 

Full article on Mortgage Introducer

60 adviser firms add protection comparison site to their websites 

About 60 intermediary businesses have added a protection comparison service to their website, allowing clients to search, select and buy from a whole of market protection service. 

The adviser branded comparison service is provided by LifeQuote, which provides comparison platforms for intermediaries and supports some of the UK's largest consumer comparison sites. 

Full article on Mortgage Introducer

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The Right Mortgage selects LifeQuote's protection case management service 

The Right Mortgage & Protection Network is outsourcing its protection case management to LifeQuote, a service which handles all client support once products have been recommended and sourced via iPipeline's SolutionBuilder. 

The LifeQuote service, which carries client cases through to completion, costs £95 per completed case - or a reduced fee depending on the point at which the client drops off. 

Full article on Cover

Viewpoint: Social media is not about lead generation but about converting prospects 

Could 2018 be the year to harness digital to boost protection sales? 

Most readers on this article will have been cold called by a company promoting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), or some other social media quick fix, that will boost your online viability in a hope to drive many new people to your business. 

Full article on Health Insurance Daily


LifeQuote launches customisable D2C protection platform 

LifeQuote has launched a new customisable web-based service for advisers that allow them to offer clients or prospects a direct-to-consumer (D2C) protection platform on their website. 

LifeQuote said the D2C service was made for clients who wanted to investigate the prices of life policies but may not want a full intermediated service. 

Full article on Best Advice

Can also be found on Professional Adviser.

Openwork chooses LifeQuote for protection administration

LifeQuote's system integrates with the SolutionBuilder platform. 

Adviser network Openwork has chosen LifeQuote to provide outsourced case management to its firms. Openwork advisers can pass their post client recommendation administration to LifeQuote to manage to completion. 

Full article on Health Insurance

Can also be found on Cover, Best Advice and FT Adviser

Four big banks among participants in FCA advice unit

Four big banks are among the 17 firms accepted into the FCA's robo-advice development project 'advice unit', the regulator has revealed. 

In a statement released today, the FCA named the participants in its first two rounds of the project, which aims to help firms develop automated advice and discretionary investment management models. 

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Legal & General launches 'Buy Now' life insurance with Direct Life 

Legal & General have launched a Buy Now life insurance policy with Direct Life which will be initially available on 

Legal & General's new Buy Now policy will use Direct Life's common question set, allowing clients to choose between Legal & General, Aviva and Beagle Street's Buy Now offerings without needing to complete the full medical underwritten journey.

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Learning lessons from lapses

Lapsed policies and clawback is not just a financial issue; it represents many hours lost in precious adviser time. 

While it will never be possible to stop all lapses, there are lessons that can be learnt from across the industry and indeed from the direct market in how best to make your business 'stickier'. 

Full article from Mortgage Introducer 

The HI Profile - LifeQuote's Neil McCarthy and Rob Quayle 

Emily Perryman asks the duo about their plans to make buying protection easier then ever.

Being a technology company in the competitive fintech landscape would worry a lot of executives, but LifeQuote's Neil McCarthy and Rob Quayle are confident in their ability to stand out from the crowd. 

Full article on Health Insurance

Military intermediary Insignia to use LifeQuote's protection platform

Specialist armed forces intermediary, Insignia Underwriting, has launched a bespoke online protection portal for military personnel and their families. 

This is the second specialist military intermediary to launch with LifeQuote this year. 

Full article on Cover

LifeQuote introduces protection case tracking system

LifeQuote has launched a new case tracking system with real time updates on all protection insurance cases.

Advisers can now see, in a summary view, the status of all protection applications from all insurers in one place, whether ‘in progress', ‘awaiting start date', ‘at risk' or ‘completed'.

Full article on Cover

Also available on FT Adviser and Mortgage Introducer


Scottish Widows launches protection cover on LifeQuote

Through LifeQuote, advisers will now be able to search, quote and apply for Scottish Widows protection products on a single platform. 

The Scottish Widows products now available through LifeQuote include standalone life cover, standalone critical illness, life and critical illness, family income benefit and critical illness and business protection. 

Full article on Cover

LifeQuote rebrands

LifeQuote has rebranded with a new website as well as fresh marketing and campaign material. 

After last year's management buyout the firm has redefined its purpose to focus on helping advisers grow their protection business. 

Full article on Mortgage Introducer

Armed Forces insurer launches protection platform with LifeQuote

Specialist armed forces insurer, Trinity Insurance Services, has launched an online protection portal for armed forces personnel and their families.

The portal provides a panelled aggregation service that allows forces personnel to see if they qualify for a range of life and protection policies given their current military status.

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Affordability drives multi benefit protection

As advisers know, cost plays an important, if not overriding, part of many clients’ decision-making process with respect to their protection needs.

With cost of housing continuing to rise, many home buyers, who represent between 35% to 50% of all first time protection sales, are understandably short of disposable income; with generation rent having the same affordability issues. 

Full article on LifeTalk

Direct Life appoints non-exec director 

Mike Dodd, previous CEO of Sirius Financial Solutions, has joined Direct Life as a non-exec director.

He brings 39 years of business, IT and entrepreneurship experience to his new role. 

He spent nine years at Sirius Financial Solutions, where he was business development director and later CEO of the UK business.

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Mark Myers joins Direct Life as Non-Exec Director

Mark Myers, British Friendly's outgoing CEO, has joint Direct Life as non-exec director. 

Myers stepped down as CEO of British Friendly in September 2016 and was succeeded by Ian Clark. The appointment follows Direct Life's management buy-out in October 2016 by MD Rob Quayle and Sales & Marketing Director Neil McCarthy. 

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Generation Rent - the Protection Opportunity 

The past decade has seen a huge rise in the numbers renting as opposed to buying. Renting overtook ownership in 2004 for 21-25 year-olds, and in 2011 for 26-30 year-olds.

Historically, there was a perception that renters largely didn’t need protection cover. But for today’s renters, the loss of an income would be just as devastating as for someone with a mortgage. This is worrying, as the protection industry is largely not currently set up to handle generation rent.

Full article on LifeTalk




Big Brother is recording you

Advisers within the mortgage, pension and protection industries could be next in line to fall within call recording legislation, according to LifeQuote.

Full article on Mortgage Introducer

Aviva protection range added to LifeQuote

Mortgage advisers using LifeQuote’s platform will now have access to Aviva’s full range of protection products.

Aviva recently launched the range, which offers both personal and business protection products.

Its personal protection range includes life insurance, critical illness, income protection, free parent life cover and guaranteed whole life cover.

Full article on Mortgage Adviser

Also available on Financial Reporter and Mortgage Solutions

Management to buy out Direct Life and LifeQuote from Cardif Pinnacle

Direct Life, which owns LifeQuote, is being purchased from Cardif Pinnacle Insurance Holdings Ltd, by its managing director Rob Quayle and sales and marketing director Neil McCarthy.

The FCA has already approved the change in control, and completion is expected at the end of October.

Direct Life employs over 90 people in Chichester and provides a whole of market protection portal, and a fully outsourced case management service for advisers.

Full article on FT Adviser

 Also available on Cover

Outsourcing your protection business administration

ABR editor Rob Kingsbury visited outsourced protection admin service LifeQuote to see first hand what the company offers and how it operates

When I meet with Neil McCarthy, marketing director of LifeQuote, at the company’s Chichester office, he shows me an article from a national newspaper. It’s about a widow whose life insurance claim on her husband has been rejected because of an error made on the application form. “It struck me that this is just the kind of situation, where the client has lost out and the financial adviser is blamed, that we can help avoid,” says McCarthy (pictured left with MD Rob Quayle)).

Full article on Adviser Business Review

MIFID: LifeQuote expects protection advice calls to be recorded

LifeQuote has warned that the MIFID requirement for advisers to record phone calls will be replicated in protection.

Advisers will have to record all phone calls under incoming Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) rules, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)said in its latest consultation paper.

Initially, the regulation will only apply to investments, though the broader more generic regulatory requirements for all financial services follow a similar line, regardless of subject area.

Full article on FT Adviser

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iPipeline's protection quote tool integrates with LifeQuote

iPipeline's quote and apply portal, SolutionBuilder® can now seamlessly link to LifeQuote's outsourced protection case management service.

The integration allows advisers using iPipeline's SolutionBuilder to seamlessly access the LifeQuote platform and transfer cases to LifeQuote's outsourced case management team to handle the collection of the application data, case processing with insurers, and chasing of medical evidence.

Full article on Health Insurance Daily

Also available on Professional Adviser and Cover

LifeQuote launches 'upload alternative quote'

LifeQuote is now enabling advisers to submit an application based on any quote from either an insurer's site directly or another quote portal.

This enables LifeQuote to ensure that whatever the illustration or product combination the adviser wishes to recommend, provided they have an agency with the insurer in question LifeQuote are able to process the case on the advisers behalf in the normal way.

This enables the adviser to take advantage of the tele-underwriting and administration services they provide.

Full article on Cover

LifeQuote introduces intermediary text support

LifeQuote has introduced a text service for intermediary support after trials showed improved responses compared with emails and telephone contact.

The provider had previously used texts as basic reminders or updates but now it has linked the text to workflow to increase the length of message and allow a reply.

LifeQuote said this new method of communication is already driving immediate responses and is yielding double the number of immediate replies compared to telephone and email.

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Intrinsic adopts LifeQuote as new protection option

Intrinsic Financial Services has announced that all 3,000 advisers across the Group will have the option to use LifeQuote from 3rd February 2014.

The new protection platform has been designed for the network's advisers utilising LifeQuote's quote and research tools. LifeQuote has also built in the ability for Intrinsic advisers to submit the application direct to the recommended product provider themselves.

Full article on Cover

How technology is changing the sector for the better

“A more important issue we need to be alert to is the challenge posed to the pooling of risk. With more information, it may be possible to reduce the cost of cover for the fit.

“By the same token though, insurance could become more expensive and possibly unobtainable for those who need it most, and there is the question as to whether an even greater divergence in price and availability is a socially positive outcome.”

Full article on FT Adviser

Analysis: Navigating the big four protection portals

Adam Higgs considers what advisers need to know about the main protection quote portals.

Quotation portals have always been an important tool to help advisers compare protection options. However, as the protection market and products have moved on, they have often been slow to keep up with the changes.

Over the past few years the portal suppliers have been working hard to catch up, introducing a number of new features that aim to make the adviser’s job easier. Currently, there are four mainstream quotation portals available to advisers, provided by iPipeline, IRESS, Direct Life...

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‘Drawdown will create demand for life insurance’

People approaching retirement may take out protection policies to shore up their pension, Neil McCarthy has predicted.

Ahead of the changes to annuities in April, the sales and marketing director for protection portal LifeQuote said he expected to see more sales of term or whole-of-life insurance, including funeral plans.

He said: “When people choose drawdown as opposed to an annuity after the April 6th changes, there could be an increased demand for protection policies.

Full article on FT Adviser

Also available on Financial Reporter

Pension changes could increase life insurance demand

The changes in income drawdown after April mean that annuitants sold single life policies may take out life insurance to cover their spouse, LifeQuote has said.

An FCA investigation found that 530,000 widows may have been left without an income because their husbands were not told payments from their single life annuity would cease on their death.

Full article on Cover

Opinion: Advisers must do more online to keep clients

Advisers should avoid the mistakes of general insurance and offer new ways for consumers to buy protection, writes Neil McCarthy, director of Direct Life.

In 1989, Churchill Insurance was among the first to air TV adverts for direct insurance. Competitors soon followed, and a revolution in the way personal lines insurance was purchased was born, changing forever the relationship between customer, intermediary and provider.

Full article on Cover

Analysis: Pension reform – a fresh chance to talk about protection?

“Pension advice takes up such a considerable amount of time that protection doesn’t usually get much airplay,” Gledhill says.

With the average pension pot just £36,800, according to the Association of British Insurers, there isn’t actually that much to protect either, Gledhill points out.

“People are more likely to use any cash they take from their pension to reduce debt, pay off their mortgage, buy a new car, or take a holiday, rather than buy life insurance,” he says.

But Gledhill does see one potentially optimistic opportunity, as more employers set up auto-enrolment schemes in the workplace, and many then take the next step of offering protection as well.

Full article on Health Insurance Daily

Analysis: Protection verses saving

But must advisers also share some of the blame for IP’s failure to make inroads?

Jennifer Gilchrist, senior product manager at insurer Bright Grey, suggests that some specialise in areas such as wealth management, and are therefore less familiar with protection.

“It is important that these advisers understand their clients’ protection requirements and make protection part of their advice process,” she says.

Full article on Health Insurance Daily

LifeQuote reviews call recording ahead of FCA changes

LifeQuote are assessing the possibility of offering advisers personalised call recordings ahead of any regulatory changes from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

LifeQuote already records all client and adviser conversations to support advisers and insurers with non-disclosure issues. The recordings are then held on the adviser's behalf, however if the FCA requires advisers to have a record of all client telephone calls LifeQuote will either hold them centrally or provide data files to advisers. 

Full article on Cover

Cover story: Hi tech, high impact

Some mortgage brokers recall vividly how, during the 1990s, they used to compare the best deals on offer via a hard copy of Moneyfacts – which typically became out of date as soon as it was published.

In those days it might have seemed cutting-edge but times have changed and any intermediaries who proved allergic to technology have probably either found alternative employment or retired.

Full article on Mortgage Strategy

Direct Life to add 20 new staff

Direct Life has announced it is looking to attract up to 20 new staff having recently added 15 full time and part time staff.

The Chichester-based life insurance specialist is also interviewing for senior developers to add to their exisiting IT development team. The new staff are being hired as part of the company's expansion plans with administrators and call-centre staff required to meet the demands of new business volumes. Direct Life is the parent company of LifeQuote and owned by Cardif Pinnacle, part of BNP Paribas. Rob Quayle, managing director, Direct Life said: "We have a great sense of belonging here.

Full article on Cover

LifeQuote introduces suite of STIP policies

LifeQuote has introduced a suite of short term income protection (STIP) policies to support their existing income protection (IP) panels.

The new service offers products with payment periods of 1, 2 and 5 years with the sum insured based on gross annual income and covering inability to work through illness injury or loss. The new service was launched to offer a cross-provider comparison and transactional service to meet demand for a broader range of IP products. 

Full article on Cover

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The march of technology continues apace in protection

As Direct Life & Pension Services celebrates it's 25th birthday, Neil McCarthy charts major changes in the industry since his firm's inception. 

Full article from Cover

Analysis: Protection comparison services for advisers

Products like critical illness cover and income protection from different providers seem to undergo almost continual changes – so how can advisers best keep up to speed? Stephanie Spicer looks at what is out there.

Full article from Health & Protection Daily

LifeQuote expects protection to use health tracking data

LifeQuote has said it expects to see insurers include health tracking data for protection pricing along the same lines as has been adopted for private medical insurance (PMI) policies.

The protection portal and administration service from DirectLife said it is therefore reviewing how best to capture health tracking data from the likes of the Apple watch or FitBit.

No no protection insurer writing UK business uses individuals' health tracking to price policies at outset, although engagement with the Vitality program during the policy term can certainly reduce premiums, LifeQuote has said.

Full Article on Cover

This article was also published as a print version in FT Adviser and Life Insurance International. To view the full articles please click here and here.

LifeQuote launches premium and sum assured quotations

LifeQuote has launched a premium driven service to support the traditional sum assured approach, following the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) and its resultant focus on cash flow for borrowers.

The service allows advisers and their clients, who identify a protection insurance need, but who have limited cash available, to quote on what this will buy in terms of cover rather than necessarily what the optimal level of cover might be.

Full article on Best Advice

LifeQuote launches protection quotes to tackle MMR pressures

LifeQuote has launched a service to help borrowers who would otherwise dismiss protection as unaffordable due to cash flow pressures resulting from the Mortgage Market Review (MMR).

The service allows advisers and their clients, who identify a protection insurance need, but who have limited cash available, to quote on what this will buy in terms of cover rather than necessarily what the optimal level of cover might be.

Neil McCarthy, sales and marketing director at LifeQuote, said: "The overwhelming view is that premium driven quotations should not be seen as a compromise as having some cover is vastly preferable to having none at all."

Full article on Cover

Analysis: Short-term IP - is something better than nothing?

The long and the short of STIP

A flurry of activity in the short-term income protectoin (IP) market means the product is back on the agenda - but should it be? Or is 'gold standard' IP the only real option? Harvey Jones reports

Income protection (IP) is an unbeatable long-term insurance product that almost hardly anybody buys.

Short-term income protection (STIP) is an inferior substitute that is, perhaps embarrassingly, proving increasingly popular with brokers and public.

Full article on Health Insurance Daily

Tenet adds Lifequote services to expanding protection business

Tenet Group has confirmed it will expand its protection proposition with its advisers now having the option of using LifeQuote's comparison and illustration tools.

LifeQuote will offer all Tenet advisers the ability to outsource the application, administration and processing of life, CI, IP and whole of life cases.

Lifquote said this would "significantly [reduce] the time an adviser needs to spend on a case and [would create] more time for them to spend with their clients."

Full article on Cover

 Also available on FT Adviser and Health Insurance & Protection Daily. 

Summer Budget 2015: IPT to rise to 9.5%

Insurance premium tax (IPT) is to rise to 9.5% by November, the chancellor has confirmed in the Summer Budget.

The IPT rate was previously 6%, 

Chancellor George Osborne said: "Britain's insurance premium tax is well below tax rates in many other countries.

Full article on Cover

Fracture cover breaks new ground

Friends Life Individual Protection has announced the addition of fracture cover for its life, critical illness and income protection products to the adviser portal and administration service from Direct Life.

The product has been launched on LifeQuote, which gives advisers the ability to search, select and transact on a single platform.

Its fracture cover pays a lump sum of up to £2,100 for one of 18 specified fractures during any 12-month period.

Full article on FT Adviser



Ask the experts: How has MMR affected protection sales?

Our Ask the Experts column is your chance to put industry figures on the spot. In this edition Neil McCarthy, sales and marketing director at LifeQuote, answers your question.

Q: With protection sales through mortgage advisers said to have slipped since the upturn in the mortgage market, how has the Mortgage Market Review affected business volume?

A: Unfortunately, early indications are while the MMR may have achieved some of its objectives, it may have also had unintended consequences...

Full article on Mortgage Solutions

Also available on Mortgage Introducer

Warning on ‘call-back’ phone scam targeting advisers

LifeQuote is warning any adviser that offers a call back service to beware of an increase in 070 phone scams.

The protection insurance service is warning advisers and their staff to be vigilant to avoid being stung by fraudulent premium rate call backs for quotes or product information. Fraudsters are targeting financial services industry firms using 070 numbers as many companies offer telephone call back. 

Full article on Mortgage Strategy

Also available on Cover and Money Marketing.

Fully comparable buy now life facility unveiled

Direct Life and Aviva have launched what they claims to be the UK’s first fully comparable ‘buy now’ life insurance policy.

The new service will be launched simultaneously for both intermediated sales through Direct Life’s LifeQuote service and direct to customers via the aggregator site

Advisers and direct customers will be able to compare term products from multiple providers using a brief and standardised underwriting question set, and then opt for a ‘buy-now’ life insurance policy with Aviva.

Full article on Best Advice

Also available on Money Marketing uses Quote+ technology in industry first has become the first comparison site to use Quote+ technology to aid customers in buying their life insurance, with a typical application less than two minutes.

Quote+ technology will use the customer's responses and match them against the underwriting criteria of's panel of UK life insurance providers. Customers will now be able to compare competitive life insurance products across insurers and have a clearer indication as to whether they will be accepted for the quoted prices offered or whether they will be declined. 

Full article on Cover

Case Study: How Premier Choice addressed a firm’s employee benefit challenges

Premier Choice Group (PCG), the health and protection intermediary, was called in by Thirteen Group, the North East housing management company to offer health insurance advice and protection products to its employees.

Thirteen Group manages more than 32,000 homes and is one of the largest employers in the North East with 1,400 staff from executive and director level to administrative and skilled trades staff.

Full article on Cover

Critical Illness added to Quote+

LifeQuote has added critical illness (CI) to Quote+ which it expects to lead to higher conversions for brokers and more clients accepted at standard rates.

Previously only the ability to compare term products was available. The new CI comparison technology allows advisers to compare products across insurers with a far higher degree of confidence as to whether customers will be accepted at standard rates, rated or declined.

Full article on Cover

LifeQuote updates IP comparison software

Direct Life has updated its LifeQuote protection portal to automatically take into account income protection providers’ criteria when it comes to continued payouts for own occupation claims.

Direct Life says advisers have previously struggled to assess the different policies providers have in place for own occupation claims after the first 12 months.

The LifeQuote system has now been updated to factor in this so-called “secondary level of disability” definition.

Full article on Money Marketing

Also available on Cover Magazine




Positive Solutions links up with protection portal

Adviser firm Positive Solutions has linked up with LifeQuote in an aim to support advisers post-RDR.

The move will enable Positive Solutions advisers to use the portal to compare costs of different benefits on a range of cover as a single benefit or part of a menu plan. Andy Bell, mortgage and general insurance manager at Positive Solutions, said: "It is about the whole piece and reminding advisers of the opportunities.

Full article on Cover

Quote+ weeks from adviser launch

Quote+, a universal application process for protection insurance products is to be rolled by Direct Life to the adviser community within weeks.

Currently under trial with ten protection providers Quote+ pre-screens applicants and seeks to address the huge fall off between initial application and final conversion.

Full article on Cover

Neil McCarthy: A smarter application process works for everyone

Historically the protection industry has not made the advice process an easy one for advisers.

Unfortunately, given the regulatory backdrop, rather than complete an application form in a fully compliant manner, it is often easier for a customer to ignore protection all together, rather than enter a journey that is not always as conducive to the final purchase of a product as it might be.

Full article on Money Marketing

LifeQuote launches business protection service

LifeQuote has launched a free business protection insurance service for general insurance brokers who want to extend their insurance offering within the business market.

Available through its LifeQuote service, brokers will be able to use the business protection quote and apply service which includes key person cover, business loan protection and partnership and shareholder cover. A member of LifeQuote's Express Underwriting team will contact the client, on the broker's instructions, to complete the application form, and then process the case to completion with the provider. 

Full article on Cover

Can insurance reward customer loyalty?

Most people reading this will be able to dip into their wallet and pull out some form of reward or loyalty card.

If you’re anything like me you’ll have two or three; points for shopping at the same supermarket, bonuses for topping up at the right petrol station, discounts for staying with a particular chain of hotels. Put simply, giving something back to loyal customers encourages repeat business, referrals to friends and family and synergies with other business areas which might complement your own.

Full article on FT Adviser

LifeQuote and Whatprotect launch protection advice service

LifeQuote has teamed up with advisory service What Protect to provide a protection platform which provides both advised and non-advised solutions.

LifeQuote, the intermediary brand of Direct Life and Pensions Services Ltd, has said the online platform will produce quotations and application services for clients who require Life cover, Critical Illness and Income Protection.

Full article on Cover

LV= launches Relevant Life Cover on LifeQuote

LV= has launched its new Relevant Life Cover product on LifeQuote's Business Protection area.

The launch follows "strong demand" from advisers for business protection insurance, as small businesses have grown by 200,000 in the last two years to 4.8 million. Relevant Life Cover is a tax efficient way for small businesses to provide stand-alone, single life, death in service cover for employees, high earning individuals and salaried directors.

Full article on Cover

Brands and consumer choices

A brand is more influential than we might think, even in advised sales. Rob Quayle explains.

A great brand is one of a company’s most valuable assets. A memorable name is critical to that brand’s success. Top brands equate to successful sales, or so most marketeers would have us believe. But is that really the case in protection? 

Full article on Cover


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LifeQuote Updates


Aviva introduce Simple Life Insurance 

Aviva have introduced Simple Life Insurance to complement their Life Insurance+ policy to help advisers ensure that more customers are financially protected whatever their budget. The new policy is claimed to be clear and easy for different groups of advisers and their clients. 

Full Update

Updates to LV= Critical Illness Product

LV= have today made some updates to their Critical Illness product to change some of the limits and have updated their condition list. 

Full Update


VitalityLife's Serious Illness Cover 

Vitality continues to lead the market with their Serious Illness Cover - covering all conditions in the market. 

Full Update

LifeQuote Opening Hours over the Festive Period 

We will be open over the festive period to continue processing your protection cases, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a mince pie and mulled wine. 

Full Update

Vitality - The Next Generation of Business Cover 

VitalityLife's market leading Serious Illness Cover is now available on its Business Protection Plan along with a wide range of other enhancements. 

Full Update

Aviva: Nothing will happen to me, right? 

Jackie's blog is brought to you by Aviva. 

Protecting our family financially against illness and death is probably the last thing we all think about. We don't want to contemplate the idea that anything could ever happen to us. 

Full Update

Guardian launches combined Life and Critical Illness Protection

Earlier this week Guardian launched their new Combined Life and Critical Illness Protection. Below they have outlined what's new and the benefits to you! 

Full Update

Document Library redesign

Following some feedback we have recently redesigned our Document Library so you can find what you need more easily. 

Full Update

Aviva: Extra Care Cover, an extra £50,000 on top of a CI payment? 

Aviva is an insurance company. Paying claims is what they do, and they are keen to do the right for as many of their customers as possible, which is why they want to talk to you about Extra Care Cover. 

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System Update - New features available 

At LifeQuote we are always looking to continually improve our system. Today we have added a new feature so when you next log in to the LifeQuote Portal, under the Business Protection tab, you will see you now have the option to fix the sum insured to either the Term or Age. 

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Legal & General's new Rental Protection plan available on the LifeQuote Portal

Following the launch of Legal & General's Rental Protection plan, you now have access to these products via the LifeQuote Portal. 

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Changes to our Critical Illness Comparison Chart 

Following feedback we have made some changes to our Critical Illness Comparison chart. Our aim is to provide a fair comparison across all insurer products by outlining the conditions covered, whether they are an Association of British Insurers (ABI) standard or ABI+ definition while keeping the numbers as close to the insurers own published figures. 

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Do your client's know enough about mortgage protection?

Legal & General Mortgage Club undertook research surveying over 2,000 UK home owners. The results demonstrate the importance of the role advisers' play in mortgage applications. 

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VitalityLife - Solving the Dementia dilemma 

Dementia isn't an inevitability in old age, according to the latest research. Deepak Jobanputra at VitalityLife looks at what can be done in terms of prevention and protection. 

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When to discuss Mortgage Protection 

Are your clients buying their first house or moving to another property? 

If yes, then this is the perfect moment to discuss Mortgage Protection. 

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Aviva's Individual Protection Claims report 

Read more about how Aviva supported your clients last year. 

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Increase your average case size 

The LifeQuote multi-benefit tool can help you increase the average case size by providing more comprehensive cover to your clients. 

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Legal & General have launched their improved Critical Illness

Legal & General are always listening to feedback from advisers, to make their products closer to you and your client's needs. This is why they have broadened their Critical Illness offerings, simplifying their list of covered conditions aiming to make it easier to understand and provide even more cover for your clients. 

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Guardian products now available to quote on LifeQuote 

From 1st July 2019 Guardian products are now available to quote on the LifeQuote Portal. You can access their products on a single or dual life basis with the ability to add or remove Children's Critical Illness cover. 

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New Look Apply Online 

We understand that not all clients want to complete their application over the phone, they may work shift patterns or prefer to complete the information with you. 

Applying online gives you the flexibility to choose the right application journey for your client. We've been offering the online application tool to advisers since 2009 and are continuously looking to improve and provide both you and your clients with an efficient service. 

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Protection Review 2019

We are back at the 2019 Protection Review Conference in London's Landmark Hotel, 8:30 - 16:00 on Thursday 11th of July 2019. 

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LifeQuote accredited with ISO 27001

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is an international standard that provides the specification for an Information Security Management System. 

Direct Life & LifeQuote were accredited with ISO 27001 in May 2019. 

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What to do if you can't find the quote you're looking for 

With the large range of products, options and add ons it can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. The LifeQuote Portal caters for the vast majority of quotes but on the odd occasion you can't find what your client is looking for you can still use the LifeQuote service by following these steps. 

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Updates to the Telephone Application system

You may have noticed that we have re-ordered the initial page of our Telephone Application system. We want to make the system as simple as possible, giving you the information you need and letting you complete the client's information quickly and painlessly. 

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Important update regarding Zurich service levels 

Following the launch of their new adviser extranet in the latter part of 2018, Zurich are continuing to experience substantial delays with their underwriting. 

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Customise your client contact preferences 

Did you know you are able to tailor your client contact preferences to meet your business needs? 

We have a range of options available for contacting your clients plus how we deal with your acceptance terms and start dates. 

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Tailor your quotes with LifeQuote Add Ons 

With Aviva, Royal London, VitalityLife and Zurich introducing the ability to add or remove different features we have developed a simple process to allow you to get the exact quote you want. LifeQuote's Add Ons pages appear once you have selected the relevant insurer, you'll be provided with the available options to change the quote. 

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Text Message Updates 

One of our aims is to help make it as straightforward as possible for you to stay in the loop with progress on your protection applications without taking up too much of your time. We are pleased to introduce a new facility to enable text updates. 

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Legal & General - What's your clients 'Deadline to Breadline'?

Planning ahead is something we all do, from saving for holidays to who does the school run. Financial planning on the other hand can sometimes seem overwhelming or something to put off until tomorrow. 

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Aviva - We're there when it counts 

Did you know that 67% of Aviva's critical illness claims in 2017 were for cancer? 

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VitalityLife - A bespoke mortgage product that is simple and easy to access

Only bricks and mortality? The mortgage protection market often focuses on solutions which only protect clients in the event of death. VitalityLife are addressing the need for comprehensive mortgage protection with their new Mortgage Plan. 

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New LifeQuote Helpline Options 

As a result of some feedback from advisers we have added some additional options to our LifeQuote Helpline numbers to help you speak to the correct department as quickly as possible. 

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Problems with Legal & General Multi Benefit Quotes 

We have been notified in some instances that Legal & General multi benefit quotes are being displayed despite one or more of the benefits being removed. 

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VitalityLife introduce Dementia and FrailCare Cover 

The number of people in the UK aged 60 or over is expected to pass 20 million by 2031, making ill health and the potential cost of care in later life growing concerns for many people. 

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Intrinsic Restricted - Don't forget most of your cases can be processed for free!

As an Intrinsic Restricted adviser you can benefit from our application and administration service for free with the majority of cases. 

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Children's Critical Illness Details Added to Comparison Chart 

We have made some additional enhancements to our Critical Illness Comparison Chart to provide more information about the children's cover options offered by each insurer. 

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Legal & General Critical Illness Changes 

Legal & General have made some enhancements to their Critical Illness policies with effect from 25th November 2018. 

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Vitality Mortgage Plan

VitalityLife have recently launched their new Mortgage Plan product to provide simple yet comprehensive mortgage protection. 

They are offering Mortgage Plan life cover on a decreasing, level or indexed basis with the option to add a specific Income Protection or Serious Illness Cover Protector to the policy. 

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New - Decision in Principle 

We know that the time to takes to complete presales research can put some people off, leading to unfavorable decisions or multiple applications. This doesn't have to be the case! 

We have re-launched our Decision in Principle 'DIP' tool to make presales simple. 

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Holloway Friendly now available via LifeQuote 

You now have access to Holloway Friendly's protection products through the LifeQuote Portal allowing you to quote and apply directly from LifeQuote in the Income Protection or Multi Benefit section.

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Charity Head Shave 

Direct Life and LifeQuote have been supporting Widowed & Young (WAY) since 2016 to help them provide peer-to-peer support for people who have been widowed under the age of 50. 

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Illustration & Commission Disclosure Changes 

You may have noticed that we have recently changed how we display the client illustration and your commission disclosure. Here is some more information on what changes we have made and why we have made them. 

From 1st October 2018 we moved to begin using the insurer's own illustrations for protection quotes via the LifeQuote Portal. 

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LifeQuote supports WAY 

Widowed & Young is a charity which helps men and women aged 50 or under who have become widowed. They provide peer-to-peer support from a group of volunteers who themselves have been widowed young. 

We have been supporting them since 2016 and believe strongly in what they are doing. 

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Guardian Applications 

We're currently in the process of adding Guardian into our quoting portal; in the meantime we're pleased to confirm we can process Guardian applications. 

All you need to do is obtain the quotation from either another quoting portal or from Guardian directly and then use our Submit Alternative Quote option to submit the case to us. 

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New Zurich Products 

Zurich have today launched their new product set offering a range of new options for your clients, giving greater control over their protection solutions now and in the future. 

We have updated the product set on the LifeQuote Portal so you will have access to these products straight away. 

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British Friendly Adds Car Hire Benefits 

Clients can now access exclusive offers on car and van leasing with British Friendly through Tilsun Group. 

British Friendly recently advised they have added car and van leasing benefits to their Income Protection policies. They're passionate about giving clients extra benefits and support they can access in sickness and in health. 

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Old Mutual Wealth Enhances Critical Illness Cover 

Old Mutual Wealth have upgraded their critical illness cover to include additional full and partial payment conditions. 

With a combination of new medical conditions, enhancements to payment conditions, improvements to children's cover and clearer definitions they feel this will mean more customers will be able to claim when faced with difficult times. 

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AIG updates Critical Illness conditions 

AIG have updated their critical illness policy for their standard plans. This has increased the amount of conditions that are covered on a full and partial basis. 

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Error submitting applications in Edge

We have been notified that there is a technical error when using our tele-application route on the new version of Microsoft Edge, which prevents you from proceeding without re-selecting the title and source of business fields. 

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British Friendly adopts guaranteed premiums 

British Friendly have moved away from offering reviewable only premiums for their Income Protection products to just offering guaranteed premiums. 

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LV commission uplift on Income Protection Policies 

LV are currently offering a commission uplift on Income Protection policies submitted between 1st June and 24th August. 

We are pleased to say we are going to pass on the same increase on LV business submitted on your behalf during this special offer period. 

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Royal London's State of the Protection Nation

Have you seen Royal London's 2018 State of the Protection Nation report? 

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Addition of Legal & General Critical Illness Extra 

Legal & General launched their new enhanced critical illness plan in April offering two options for critical illness cover. 

You now also have access to this product via the LifeQuote system. 

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Client Email Addresses

An increasing number of insurers are requiring a client email address to be provided for submission of an application. They use the email address to set clients up with an online account for access to policy documents and with some insurers, access to other policies they may hold. 

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Are you following us on LinkedIn? 

From 1st May 2018 we are migrating our LinkedIn profile to our company page 'LifeQuote Portal'. 

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AEGON Quote Changes 

AEGON have this week made some changes to their quote and apply system offering additional multi benefit quotes that are not currently available through quoting portals. 

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AIG Instant added to LifeQuote 

We have now added AIG Instant onto the LifeQuote Portal, allowing you to quote and apply for this product directly through LifeQuote. 

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Aviva Living Costs Protection

Aviva's short term income protection policy "Living Costs" is now available to quote and apply through the LifeQuote Portal. 

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Royal London Add Ons 

Royal London and LifeQuote have worked together to offer further flexibility with quoting on the LifeQuote Portal. We have created a new "add ons" page for Royal London quotes allowing you to amend the Total Permanent Disability and Children's Critical Illness options. 

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Aviva makes amendments to their Relevant Life policy 

Aviva launched its Relevant Life and Critical Illness policy in 2016 but following feedback they have today announced changes to the product. 

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New Comparison Chart Options 

We've had some feedback from advisers for additional options they wanted on our Provider Comparison Chart and our CIC Comparison Chart so we have included the updates in our March release. 

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Aviva Launches Whole of Life Insurance+

Aviva has launched a new Whole of Life policy which is also now available on the LifeQuote Portal. 

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Royal London Offers Different Levels of Children's Cover 

Royal London has updated it's Children's Critical Illness options to offer different levels of cover to allow clients to tailor the quotes based on their needs. 

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AIG Launches Short Term Income Protection

AIG has launched a new 2 year payment period income protection product from 29th January 2018. 

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Liverpool Victoria Underwriting Turnaround Time

Liverpool Victoria have sent the below message to us regarding their underwriting turnarounds. 

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Customise your client contact preferences 

We have recently made some changes to our contact preferences for contacting clients with acceptance terms and start dates, allowing us to further tailor the service we provide to your business needs. 

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AIG Amends Commission on Instant Life and Life/CIC Start

AIG have advised they are making some changes to the commission rates for their Instant Life and Life or CIC Start policies. 

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OMW Updates Underwriting Limits

Old Mutual Wealth have made some changes to their underwriting limits to help streamline the underwriting process. 

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Aviva Fracture Cover Price Change

The pricing for Aviva's Fracture Cover will change from 19th October 2017 from £3.00 per client per month to £4.00 per client per month.

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Legal & General Updates to CIC Policies

Legal & General have updated their Critical Illness policies to include services from Red Arc. 

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New Multi Benefit Discount for Legal & General 

Legal & General have recently updated their discount for multi benefit applications to £2.00 per additional product. 

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Vitality Whole of Life Offer 

Vitality are offering your clients an additional 15% off their life cover and £250 cashback over 2 years on their Indexed Whole of Life with Optimiser policies. 

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Zurich Underwriting Changes 

Zurich has recently made some changes to their underwriting rules for BMI and Asthma. These case into effect on Friday 29th September. 

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New - Vitality Add Ons Page 

We have listened to feedback from advisers to make the Vitality offering on LifeQuote more comprehensive. As a result of this we have launched a new "Add Ons" page. This will give you more flexibility to tailor your quotes based on your client's needs.

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Royal London updates their Income Protection product

Royal London has made changes to its Income Protection policy to offer more benefits and an increased amount of cover. 

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AIG extends protection for international clients 

Earlier this year AIG began offering Term and Whole of Life cover to non-UK domiciled clients who may have been impacted by changes to inheritance tax legislation. They have now announced they will extend the cover available to these clients to include Family Income Benefit as well. 

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Royal London improve Children's Critical Illness

A key concern of parents who take out protection is that their children will also be covered against an unfortunate illness. To try and help make the situation less stressful Royal London includes Children's Critical Illness cover at no extra cost when taking out Critical Illness cover on a personal menu plan. 

Full update Intrinsic

Royal London introduces e-signatures

Royal London has announced it has launches E-AMRAs to obtain customer consent for GP Reports under the Access to Medical Reports Act. 

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LV discount for advisers own Income Protection

Liverpool Victoria recently announced they wanted advisers to be 'protected and proud' by having their own income protection policy. 

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Royal London removes need for HIV blood test in underwriting review

This used to be an automatic evidence requirement when underwriting large sum assured policies. The HIV requirement has been removed as incidence rates are reducing and survival rates have increased, the insurer said. 

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Legal & General Price Beater Proposition

Legal & General have announced they are offering a Price Beater Proposition to match or beat premiums given by other insurers. 

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LV= Doctor Services

LV= has added an additional benefit to their personal protection customers from June 6th 2017 - LV= Doctor Services provided by Square Health. 

LV= Doctor Services gives your client access to three expert medical services in one app. 

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Friends Life pipeline to close

Aviva have advised from the 15th June 2017 they will be making changes to the Friends Life pipeline cases. 

For more information please read the full update. 

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Royal London rate change and change to expiry limits

Royal London has recently made some changes to their expiry limits for Income Protection along with a rate change to some life cover plans from Monday 24th April.

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Change in assumed interest rate for Scottish Widows

With effect from Monday 10th April 2017 the default assumed interest rate for Scottish Widows quotes on the LifeQuote Portal will change from 7% to 8% to bring this in line with other insurers.

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Aegon offer a new support service and an Easter sale

From Monday 10th April, Aegon are launching a new support service from cazden for all Business Protection customers in addition to their existing health and wellbeing services.

There is also an Easter sale running from 7th April – 5th May and includes all Level and Indexed, Whole of Life and Gift Inter Vivos policies which runs alongside changes to Income Protection rates.

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LV Business Protection and Multi Benefit Quote on LifeQuote

Liverpool Victoria business protection and Multi Benefit plans can now be quoted and applied for via the LifeQuote system. Here is some information from LV about their business protection products.

LV=are committed to protecting and supporting UK businesses, through a range of Business Protection products which are easy to recommend, and are backed up with quality support and service when it's needed most.

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LifeQuote launches new Case Tracking 

LifeQuote is proud to launch our new Case Tracking system.

We have listened to the feedback from advisers using the system and introduced some great functionality to give you greater access 24/7 from any device.

You will still have access to the same case information along with new features such as commission information, next actions and additional documents. You can now also search efficiently for categories of clients.

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Scottish Widows available via LifeQuote

We are pleased to confirm that Scottish Widows Protection products will be available to quote and apply through LifeQuote from 2nd March 2017.

The products that will be available are:
- Life only
- Life & Critical Illness
- Critical Illness only
- Family Income Benefit
- Family Income Benefit & Critical Illness
- Business Protection applications including Relevant Life

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Maximum Benefit Updates 

From today the LifeQuote Income Protection quotes services will calculate on the following basis for these insurers to run alongside updates that we were made to Aviva recently.

Whole of Market Intrinsic Restricted


Insurers that require email addresses for submission

An increasing number of insurers are requiring a client email address to be provided for submission of an application. They use the email address to set clients up with an online account for access to policy documents and with some insurers access to other policies they may hold e.g. car, pet, home.

Of the 11 insurers we work with, 6 of them now require email addresses and as the insurers update their systems we expect this number to increase.

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The Exeter launches new Income Protection Products

On Monday 21st November 2016 The Exeter launches a new range of income protection plans. 

Pure Protection and Income One Plus are both built on the same foundations as the previous plans, but include premium savings of up to 50% as well as a number of other enhancements. 

Here is some information from The Exeter on how they have made their products simpler, more flexible and more affordable. 

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New Aviva products available via LifeQuote


Aviva have introduced a compelling package helping advisers to provide a greater choice to a wider range of clients. the tree new products are Aviva Life Insurance +, Critical Illness + and Income Protection +, all of which include a range of benefits and options for upgraded cover. 

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Booking Slot LifeQuote update

Booking a slot for your clients to complete their telephone applications is now even easier following an improvement to our online booking system. 

If there is only one slot available in the time period, but you would like us to speak to "Both application" then the booking screen will demonstrate there is no availability in that session. 

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LifeQuote improve Apply Screens


Following feedback from a number of advisers we have now improved our apply screens.

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Royal London product enhancements

Royal London made some changes to enhance their products with effect from Monday 3rd October 2016. 

Please take a look at our comparison charts to see the additional conditions covered within their Critical Illness product. They have also reduced the survival period of Standalone Critical illness from 14 days to 10 days. 

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AIG Simplified (Key3 Critical Illness Insurance)

We are pleased to offer the new Critical Illness product from AIG which is now live across LifeQuote. 

Key3 pays a lump sum if your client is diagnosed with one of the Key3 critical illnesses - cancer, heart attack and stroke. These conditions accounted for almost 80% of the adult critical illness claims paid out by AIG in 2015.

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Aviva Life Protection Solutions - Protect more live, more easily 

The LifeQuote team are working closely with Aviva to deliver some exciting new enhancements which we anticipate being able to deliver from Tuesday 7th April.

This launch is a significant development in the Protection marketplace which will give our partners the opportunity to access a brand new quote and apply journey complimented by an enhanced product set with Custom Multi Benefit Functionality.

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General Updates to LifeQuote

We update our sales aids on a regular basis to ensure you have relevant documents and comparison charts to assist with providing advice.

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New Trust links added to LifeQuote

Following feedback from a number of advisers, we have now added a new option in the Links section which enables you to source your own trust documentation directly from the insurers website.

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Aviva Business Protection

Aviva have developed two new products which are now available on LifeQuote. 

Relevant Life Insurance 

Business Life Insurance Options

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Aegon - Critical Illness Cover

With effect from Monday 20th June Aegon have enhanced both Personal and Business Protection menus. The Critical Illness cover now includes:

  • 19 ABI+ definitions (increased from 18)
  • 6 new critical illness conditions
  • Donor cover – a first in the UK

For more information, please click here

We are currently updating our comparison charts and they will be available shortly.

Decision in Principle tool

Following feedback from a number of advisers, we have now changed the format of our medical question in the Decision in Principle tool to make it easier for you to complete. 

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Legal & General’s low cost IP option

Legal & General are no longer quoting for a five year payment period on their short term Income Protection product. 

This has now changed to a 2 year payment period with immediate effect and LifeQuote has been updated to support this. 

Zurich’s Critical Illness Cover

With effect from Monday 13th June Zurich have made a total of 50 updates to their Critical Illness products and are now offering:

  • Cover for 75 definitions (increased from 58)
  • 19 ABI+ definitions (increased from 18)
  • 32 additional/partial payments (increased from 12)

Full update

LifeQuote launches Whole of Life comparative service

Following adviser feedback and significant recent growth in this area of Protection, LifeQuote is pleased to announce the addition of Whole of Life Assurance to its vast portfolio of products.

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New Products: Friends Life & Old Mutual Wealth

From today LifeQuote has added the following options to its product suite;

  • Old Mutual Wealth Business Protection
  • Old Mutual Wealth Rolling Term
  • Friends Life Fracture Cover (Single benefit plans only)

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