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“Help me sell protection, smarter”

Advisers know that the advice process has become more complex across all segments of the market. The administrative burdens of the protection business tend to deter investment advisers from providing essential protection advice.

The MMR has increased the time to write mortgages. With less time to give mortgage protection advice, many clients are left with ‘unprotected loans’. Similarly, many consumers are put off paying fees for advice, which leaves their ‘family protection’ needs unresolved.

 At LifeQuote, we recognise these commercial realities. We work with our partners to identify smarter ways of running their protection advice business.

We can give you an independent assessment of your offer and recommend new operating models. Where appropriate, this involves outsourcing the application and underwriting processes to LifeQuote. This enables you to draw on our huge experience of dealing with high volumes and unusual cases.



Smart features

Here are some of the LifeQuote key features we’ve designed to help you work smarter and grow your protection business:

  • Outsource application and medical question completion
  • Outsource medical evidence collection
  • Outsource commission reconciliation and payment
  • Outsource post sales policy servicing
  • Decision in principal before submission – avoids rejection on medical grounds
  • Choice of submission options – includes Buy Now for instant cover
  • Client budget planner – ensures protection portfolio is affordable
  • Centralised case tracking – track multiple insurers on Two screen.


Monetise your filing cabinet

We know you can’t provide face-to-face advice for all your clients. This can be down to a combination of location, resourcing and a commercial decision based on client value.

However, there’s value in your filing cabinet. We can help you monitise it efficiently and at no cost. We can help you set up your own-brand, direct to consumer (D2C) online service.

 “How does it work?”

 You can invite clients to visit your own-brand D2C site – we’ll also suggest ways to market it to your target clients.

  • The site, which LifeQuote runs on your behalf, will allow clients to request their own quotes and complete their applications online.
  • LifeQuote will take on the underwriting and case management.
  • We include all maintenance, hosting and support costs in the service.

Next steps

We’ve many ways to help you run your protection business smarter and more efficiently.

Find out more by contacting us at or call 01243 791199