Commercial Terms

Our aim is to make life simple, leaving you to focus on finding and advising clients.

You don’t have to join a Network – you simply continue trading as you do now. If you are a Directly Authorised firm then we contract with you. If you are an AR, then either we will need permission to contract with you or contract with the Principal directly.

Most advisers work with us on a straight forward commission basis with business placed through our agencies. We pay you a specific rate of commission, deducting a percentage of the total gross commission paid to us by the insurers. This covers the costs associated with providing our services. If a case doesn’t go on risk we don’t get paid so our interests are all aligned.

We have 2 bands of commission:

  • Band A – firms placing between 1 and 9 cases on risk per month.
  • Band B – firms placing more than 10 cases on risk per month for 3 rolling months. Rates are all expressed as percentage of the annual premium.

Firms using LifeQuote and completing 10 policies per month, with an average premium of £30 per month will earn £6,408. By using LifeQuote we estimate you will save at least 3 hours of time per application enabling you to advise new clients or contact existing clients. We also take full responsibility for any non disclosure risk for all telephone applications.

Specific rates of commission available

Twice monthly commission payments

Non-Indemnity options available

Network membership not required

Explanatory Notes

  • These rates are for Term and CI products, and for insurers who pay the same rate of commission for IP products.
  • These rates also apply for single benefit products via Intelligent Protection. Where IP and Term scales are paid pro-rata commission will be disclosed on the second page of the illustration. We treat IP and Whole of Life commission the same.
  • Multi Benefit plans attract different levels of commission for different benefits. There we will pay a blended percentage of the gross commission per case. This will be displayed on the second page of the illustration and confirmed once submitted.
  • Policies with a term of less than 12 years will be paid with a proportionately reduced rate.
  • A number of insurers are restricting the amount of commission earned where the policy term extends beyond the applicants 70th birthday. Where this occurs the amount paid to you will be reduced on a pro rata basis.
  • Commission payments are timed to ensure that cleared funds are with you on the 14th and 28th of the month where a fee isn’t being charged.
  • Where the Adviser wants to sacrifice commission to reduce the premium and the original premium is at least £50 per month and the reduction is no more than 70% we reduce the API% payable by the same proportion. For sacrifices outside this please contact us.
  • Advisers writing all their cases on a Non-Indemnity basis are subject to an additional £50 fee per completed application as confirmed in the agreement.


 Commercial Terms