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Decision in Principle 

At LifeQuote we have lots of tools available to help you sell protection and get the best outcome for your client. We know that good research often includes pre-sale research, as not all clients can be offered cover immediately.

We also know that a small amount of pre-sale research can mean there are no hidden surprises and fewer applications are abandoned at the acceptance stage.

The LifeQuote Decision in Principle tool helps make pre-sale research a breeze by allowing you to complete one online form with your client’s medical information, before sending this to all insurers to assess and respond with an indication of acceptance. You can find out whether any ratings or exclusions are likely to be applied without completing a full application.

This process helps hundreds of advisers have the confidence that their clients will get the protection they need on terms that are acceptable. It helps manage your client’s expectations and ultimately saves you time.

In 2019 over 850 advisers used Decision in Principle to obtain an indication for over 1,600 clients

You can access Decision in Principle directly from the LifeQuote Portal.


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