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We've received lots of great feedback about the LifeQuote application and administration service so you don't just have to take our word for it. 

Read more below about how the LifeQuote Portal, application and administration service has helped countless advisers process their protection business. 


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In Detail

Testimonials Adrian Ware & Roy McLoughlin - Cavendish Ware

Chief Executive, Adrian Ware first started using LifeQuote’s services in 2014, as he identified that the firms should be writing more Protection. “What we liked about the service was the fact that the sales process was consistent once we had given the advice, regardless of product or insurer. The advisers and our paraplanners didn’t have to deal with all the different insurers, LifeQuote’s team collected all the application information, which is on a recorded call, reducing my own disclosure risks, and then processed the case, which freed up my staff to focus on higher value activities.”


One of the Associate Directors in Cavendish Ware is the industry award winning specialist Roy McLoughlin, who is passionate about individual protection advice, and was a founder member of the Income Protection Task Force. “I was delighted that Cavendish Ware were already using LifeQuote’s services when I joined them, as I was used to using them at my previous firm”, says Roy. “Having used them for years I have a great working relationship with them, as do our admin team. I like the fact that once I’ve given my advice and the recommendations have been accepted, I can leave it up to the team to get the applications completed, submitted to the insurers and any medical requirements arranged. Many of my clients are older with complex lifestyles, and it’s really useful for me to be able to pick up the phone and talk to the senior team at LifeQuote and the insurers to get problems sorted out quickly. Similarly with a large pipeline of cases going through, it’s easy for my team to look at LifeQuote’s case tracking tool, and see the status of all my cases in one go.”     


Testimonials John Lee - John Lee Financial Management

I have been using the services of LifeQuote since I became a sole trader in 2001. In all this time I have never had an issue with the organisation. With the administration of policies and procuration fee payment the service has always been of the highest standard. The staff are always very helpful, nothing ever seems to be a problem and they are always reliable. 

The process from start to finish is very easy and saves me so much time. I cannot thank LifeQuote enough for the time they save me with every case.  

TestimonialsMark Smith - Acorn Mortgage Services (Essex) Limited

I would like to reiterate how pleased I am with the service provided by LifeQuote. As a single brokerage, with no admin support at all, writing life cover was something I had let slip for too long. Since signing up to use the services provided by LifeQuote I have quadrupled the levels of cover written, with more to come. 

The system is such that I present the life and protection quotes to the client during the mortgage meeting and once agreed by the clients, I simply pass the whole application over to LifeQuote and they take care of everything from there. The service I receive from my Case Manager Nick is first class, and if ever he isn't available, all of the other staff members I have spoken to are just as efficient and helpful. 

All round first class service and my earnings are increasing steadily. 

Testimonials Shelagh Hogg - Simply Mortgages Plus

LifeQuote makes things much easier for me, especially when busy with mortgage enquiries. The fact that LifeQuote handle all of the medical questions with my client is one of the key reasons I use the service, I never have to deal with the application forms or insurer websites which makes my life easier. They also do all of the post sale chasing so I can get on with seeing my clients, it makes everything more simple. It's good to know LifeQuote can take care of everything on the protection side. 

TestimonialsNorman Taylor - Truly Independent 

I would like to send a note of thanks to all at LifeQuote. Consistently over the years you have been here to help with all of my protection needs. Whoever I have dealt with at LifeQuote have been friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. My clients have also had a good customer experience. I have just changed my job and am happy to report I will continue to use LifeQuote in the new job and recommend you to my new colleagues. Your service is seamless and you save me time in administration which allows me time to concentrate on the generation of new business. 

Testimonials Colin Williams - Charles Derby 

I find the LifeQuote service to be a very efficient support facility for me clients and my advice business. I would have no problem to recommend LifeQuote to my colleagues. 

Testimonials Heather Welsby - Welsby Financial Solutions

I am a complete advocate of LifeQuote, and tell my fellow advisers they don’t know what they’re missing out on. I’m a one man band, therefore time is precious. Why spend time completing applications, asking medical questions #awkward, and chasing Dr’s receptionists when I can be out speaking to clients, which is what I love. It’s like having a virtual PA who in fact manages the processing of the (boring) administration and keeps me updated on how things are going.

 TestimonialsCraig Hammond - Next Step Advice Limited 

I started using LifeQuote earlier this year,  I’ve now placed a number of cases with the guys over there and it’s saving me loads of time. They deal with all of the medical questions, they chase all the GP’s and medical reports and I can get on with seeing clients instead of admin. The clients are well looked after and the journey is smooth, it’s one less thing to worry about.

TestimonialsDavid Firman - Sandringham Financial Partners

I’m not having a good experience with LifeQuote, I have a GREAT experience with LifeQuote, and yes you can quote me on that. 

TestimonialsIan Murray John - Murray John & Associates

I started using Life quotes a few months ago with all my protection business and have found them helpful and courteous responding to emails and phone calls promptly. When I have asked for feedback from clients they have been very complimentary saying how useful it was to have the medical questionnaire completed by someone specifically  trained. Its a great service and one I would highly recommend.

TestimonialsChris Tudor - Tudor Financial Consultants

Using LifeQuote has been great from an operational perspective, the reduction in paperwork has meant that our advisers have been able to spend more time advising more clients. The added convenience of completing medical applications anywhere up to 9pm at night has been very resourceful. The after service has also been terrific with LifeQuote proactively pushing cases through, the advisers here at Tudor Financial Consultants would strongly recommend using LifeQuote.

  Faye Tomkins - deVere Mortgages 

I’m very happy with the service provided by LifeQuote. Their application and administration process is dead easy to use and saves me a lot time. I will not hesitate to place my protection business through LifeQuote in the future.

 Stephanie Orton-Brady - Coleshill Mortgage Services Ltd

LifeQuote is AMAZING!

Amanda Wilson - The Right Mortgage & Protection Network 

The Right Mortgage and Protection have just joined forces with LifeQuote. As Head of Sales and Development a lot of my time is taken up with running the development and recruiting side of the network so I thought I would try LifeQuote out with one of my clients. I didn’t think it would be a difficult case however, due to my clients family situation, (husband aged 50 just had a stroke), she wasn’t easy to contact but LifeQuote exceeded my expectations and ensured the sale went through.

They were such a life saver and best of all the client got the cover she needed. LifeQuote kept me up to date throughout the whole process and followed through brilliantly. They did more than just an admin role, they took a proactive approach to the sale, which I thought would go through to medical underwriting and didn’t. I can’t recommend them enough.

Kate Dodson - Quay Financial Advice

We have recently started to use LifeQuote for our protection business. We were very pleased with our first case as LifeQuote saved us a lot of time. They take over the online application with the client which saves us spending usually around 45 minutes on the phone or face to face with the clients. Inevitably we are using software with which we are not particularly familiar and making sure that you have saved the right documents can be difficult. It’s awkward when the sites drop out on you too.

Whilst I don’t mind going through the applications with the clients, I think it is easier for the client and for us if it is done by a professional third party, some very personal questions are asked on many of the applications. There are things about our clients on the health and lifestyle front that they might feel more comfortable disclosing to someone whose role it is to conduct the telephone applications and that they will never see again.

Once acceptance terms have been obtained, LifeQuote keep you informed of progress and handle putting the case on risk, dispatching the policy to the client. Commission follows promptly once the policy is on risk.

LifeQuote helps us offer an efficient and professional service to our clients, whilst saving us valuable time. I recommend it to other advisers who want to save time whilst delivering a quality service.

James Wiggett - Morgan de Vere & Partners LLP

LifeQuote makes sense for me because it saves time and means I don't have to ask my clients personal questions. I'll write more protection now I know I can concentrate on advising, rather than medical questionnaires and all the administration that comes with each application. 

Stephen Pickering - One 77 Mortgages 

The 2 best things about LifeQuote are their application call service allowing flexibility for my clients to complete their applications outside of regular office hours and the dedicated case manager support once the application has been submitted. I’ve worked for 2 firms who’ve used LifeQuote and the case management support I’ve had from both Naomi and Claire over the years has been superb.

Mitul Patel - Lemon Tree Financial

I have been using the Life Quote service for nearly 8 years. Not only does it save me a lot of admin time chasing medicals, GP surgeries and insurers  but it means my time is freed up to write more business, a no brainer in my opinion.  The staff and feedback system ensure I am always kept in the loop so the clients see this as an extention of my own service. Give them a try and see your buiness levels increase, there are no contracts so totally flexible.

Andrew Wood 

Acting primarily as Investment and Pension advisers, the drawn-out rigmarole of applying for high value life cover was invariably a distraction from our day-to-day work and admittedly not our forte.  Using LifeQuote has made everything easier and more simple and now we don’t have to waste time chasing GP surgeries and Insurers. If you want to concentrate on more important tasks and write more protection, LifeQuote can help.

John Merrifield - Richmond House Financial Services 

I used LifeQuote for the first time recently and was extremely impressed at the speed they dealt with my request. From the time of my online submission requesting a tele underwriting appointment to the Life company offering standard terms was 2 days. My client accepted and requested an immediate start date and it was on risk the following day. An excellent outcome and I will certainly use this service again.

Eddy Chow - Fluent Mortgages Ltd 

LifeQuote is a service I would recommend to every broker. It just saves me so much time and they keep me up to date every step of the way with weekly updates. The case tracking facility is great as well to see the progress of where cases are at.

Ken Carson - Continuum Financial Services 

I cannot promote LifeQuote enough. If my LifeQuote administrator is representative of the company's attitude and sense of humour then I promise you now I'll never use any other comparison/protection application company, ever. 
LifeQuote is a development company NOT an admin company.

George Petch - Beaulieu Wealth Management Ltd 

The online quoting system is so quick and easy to use in client meetings it only takes a few seconds to add in some additional benefits for the client to consider. LifeQuote even do all the follow up and chasing once the application has been submitted with clients, GP surgeries and providers. I just can’t imagine now not having access to LifeQuote and having to go back to completing all this myself and finding the time in my busy workload.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services offered by LifeQuote. This facility has literally revolutionised my protection business by vastly reducing the time needed to complete protection applications and importantly taking away all responsibility from me with regards to any potential non disclosure from clients. Since using LifeQuote it’s fair to say that I now write more business per client by using multi benefit applications.

Angelo Kornecki - AKORN Financial Advice Ltd 

My relationship team at LifeQuote have always been available for me to speak to and always respond to any query I have in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to recommend using them to any adviser who is looking to spend more time growing their business and seeing clients and less time with the administration.

As a busy Financial Adviser looking to grow his client bank and develop his protection business I truly believe having the support of the team at LifeQuote is invaluable. As many will be able to testify running a practise can be incredibly time consuming before you even start advising clients. Having all of the administration taken care of not just by someone else but a team of people who are specialist, who do this day in day out and understand all of the intricacies that surround protection and who will do everything they can to make sure the whole process is completed efficiently and smoothly is such a vital addition to my business and my processes.

Justin Fordham - JF Financial Associates 

I have worked with LifeQuote for some time now and can’t rate them highly enough. Their phone appointment and application service is second to none, and their processing of applications really do help maximise your policy acceptance and conversion to on risk rate.

Mark Stroud - Prospect Financial 

Having used LifeQuote for several months now I have found my administrator to be excellent in keeping both me and my clients up to date with the progress of the application. Not having to keep chasing surgeries has freed up my time to concentrate on other areas.

Shaun Hiscox - Charles Derby Financial Services Ltd  

I find the service is great, really efficient and I like the online tools. My clients have spoken highly of the service.

Martin Jeffery - Blueprint Financial Services Ltd 

A professional service that the clients value and like. No more awkward medical questions and minimal paperwork leaving you free to give more advice. LifeQuote and the people at Direct Life offer and deliver so much more than IRESS.

Claire Sweet - Blueprint South West Ltd 

The LifeQuote Decision In Principle system saved me many hours of work recently when trying to place a protection package for a client with Multiple Sclerosis. Each provider was able to reply to me by return of email what type of cover they could offer and a provisional rating value, thus allowing me to place the case with the correct provider. Gavin and the team are always on hand to answer any questions and follow up with advisers regularly to check they are meeting expectations.

Lee Forster - Intrinsic 

Since using LifeQuote I have been able to concentrate on providing my clients with an all round protection solution without the paperwork trail. This gives me more time providing products to meet their solutions which has definitely made a difference to my clients and my commission!!

Corinne Gibbons - Charles Derby Financial Services Ltd 

I like using LifeQuote because I do not have to spend any time doing underwriting questions with my clients which can be very time consuming. LifeQuote issue you with your own administrator who chases the client and the life company but most importantly chases the Doctors surgery’s making sure they have sent back the medical reports. It is so easy to get busy with everything else and quite often pipeline chasing gets left to the end of the list.  I don’t need to worry about pipeline chasing because I know it is being done for me.

Gitesh Chauhan - Charles Derby Financial Services Ltd 

The Portal is good as you can see at what stage the case is and what is outstanding. I would recommend the service as it does save time and you can still keep in touch with case progress, without ringing around.

Matthew Southey - Ask About Mortgages Ltd 

I started this company from scratch 18 months ago with no background in mortgages or protection at all – if it had not been for LifeQuote and its support staff, the valuable protection income that my company relies on would not have existed and this would have undoubtedly made life very difficult.

Mike Granville - Lifetime Wealth Management Ltd 

I have used LifeQuote on a number of occasions as it gives me quick and accurate quotes whether for an individual or multi benefit plan which I can share in meetings with clients. I can also explain that instead of me asking perhaps personal and in depth questions about them and their health, LifeQuote will be that on the telephone in a private interview set up to suit them. the processing to provider and decisions are via LifeQuote. The time saved for me is immense and the fact I am not involved in asking potentially difficult health questions relaxes the clients. I will use them again.

Anil Malik - Inter-UK Financial Services Ltd 

Having used LifeQuote for few years just to get quote research, I actually started using LifeQuote for submitting the case and application follow-up and found what I had been missing all these years.

My Case Manager has been exceptionally good in helping on the cases I submitted to LifeQuote and her follow-ups with GPs, providers and update to me has been amazing.

Lisa Hockley - Intrinsic 

I have been using LifeQuote for  a long time and think the concept of remote Admin to look after the tele-underwriting and the whole process works really well,  freeing up my time to deal with more clients and cases also. The staff are really helpful too.

Noor Uddin - Atrium Financial Ltd 

The main benefit of using LifeQuote is that it saves time and helps me maximise my business’s potential. The process of passing over cases to LifeQuote adds another professional arm to my business as they are experts within the protection market.

Lucy Gulwell - Charles Derby Financial Services Ltd 

Just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff at LifeQuote and how brilliant the system is to use and work your way around. It makes our lives as Brokers easier as the administration side of things are completed by LifeQuote.  My overall experience has been outstanding, always quick to get hold of, appointment times are easy to get without long delays and also the tools we have available are good for us to speed up processing. 

Phil Chapman - 2plan Wealth Management Ltd 

I have been using LifeQuote regularly for the last few months and find the service very slick. Their quotation system is easier to use than anything I have work with previously and as a result I am writing more protection business than I used to. Using LifeQuote has saved me many hours of form-filling (which I really hate doing!) and chasing and in my opinion is well worth the cost.

Mike Robinson - Halcyon Wealth Management Ltd 

I'm extremely happy with LifeQuote. I've been signing their praises at recent 2plan workshops and to the insurers. It's been nothing but positive since switching to LifeQuote as protection is not my main focus as I deal normally with investments.

Alexander McLaughlan - ACM Wealth Management 

I have just used LifeQuote for two cases and been very impressed with the service. As my practice focusses predominantly on pensions/investments, being able to pass over the form-filling and GP-chasing associated with protection business to LifeQuote saved a lot of time and hassle. The feedback from clients - both of whom I've known for over 25 years - was very positive too. I intend to make LifeQuote part of my business planning for 2018 and look forward to working with them.  

Christopher Tudor - Tudor Financial Consultants 

Using LifeQuote has been great from an operational perspective, the reduction in paperwork has meant that our advisers have been able to spend more time advising more clients. The added convenience of completing health applications anywhere up to 9pm at night has been very resourceful. The after Service has also been terrific with LifeQuote proactively pushing cases through, the advisers here at Tudor Financial Consultants would strongly recommend using LifeQuote.

David Brayson - Independent Tenet Adviser 

I have been using LifeQuote for 8 months now, and the service has provided me with the additional resource to write more life business. As a mortgage adviser it’s vital to have the conversations with my client’s regarding their protection needs.

LifeQuote have taken away the intrusion of completing health questionnaires and chasing all the cases so I don’t have to. This has enabled to me write more protection than I would have had I not been using LifeQuote.